The core of Castello di Cigognola is the human being and his values, responsible for protecting the environment and the rights of the people directly and indirectly involved in the supply chain. A goal that translates into various areas, starting with respect for vines and biodiversity in the vineyard.

The management of the vineyards combines precision viticulture and organic approach, intervening as little as possible and only where necessary. The use of non organic substances in grapes has also been reduced to a minimum in winemaking, with the future aim of eliminating them completely.

The commitment to sustainability extends to packaging and distribution too, using recycled and recyclable materials from ecological supply chains, and producing lightweight glass bottles, to minimize CO2 emissions.

Castello di Cigognola presents itself as a lean entrepreneurial company, a wine start-up with its own modus operandi in which technique and creativity are in steady dialogue. A place of personal growth, where scientific research, new experiences and new frontiers of knowledge and technology are boosted through a generational exchange between expert consultants and skilled young professionals.