The area of Oltrepò, once called Old Piedmont, was part of the domains of the Duchy of Savoy.

Land of Barbera and Pinot Noir wines, today of Nebbiolo as well, thanks to the vision of Gian Marco and Letizia Moratti, it is a phenomenon suspended between tradition and innovation.

Emilia Ajroldi di Robbiate, “dame” Mimina, grandmother of Letizia Moratti, hosted politicians, thinkers and intellectuals here such as Benedetto Croce, Piovene and Bacchelli, Eugenio Montale and Luigi Einaudi during the summer holidays and in autumn for the grape harvest.
Emilia’s daughters, Bianca and Bice Brichetto – painter and heart and soul of an influential cultural salon in Milan – loved the castle very much, living there often and breathing life into it after WWII.
As many as five libraries, created by as many ancestors according to their tastes and interests, are testimony to an imprinting of culture and hospitality that has always accompanied the life of the manor.