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Cuvée 'more Brut

Blanc de Noir S.A.
Blind dosage after disgorgement
Aged between 18 and 24 months on the lees

Pinot Nero

The limestone-clay soil of our hills provides a treasure of minerals and nutrients to our Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier vineyards, granting the resulting wines bold flavours and a muscular structure.
The first and prime selection drawn from the harvest is funneled in the Cuvée ‘More bottles, as Brut, Pas Dosé or both depending on each year’s qualities.
Scent and flavour open in wideness and boldness, balanced with sweet accents reminiscent of red fruits.

Characteristics of the wine


DOCG Oltrepo’ Pavese Metodo Classico Pinot Nero

Wine Type

White sparkling Classic Method Brut


100% Pinot Nero



Serving Temperature



5-10 years

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