Full information sheet

Production zone: Castello di Cigognola

Cultivation system: Guyot

Wine making: The red grapes, harvested at the beginning of September, are undergo to soft pressing and static draining. The must is fermented in steel vats at a low temperature.

Refinements: Aged in stainless steel tanks for
about 4 months and after in bottles
for another 2 months.

Alcohol content:: 12,5% vol.



Colour soft pale yellow, from the bouquet emerges a floral hint, very delicate but intense. In the mouth it is balanced and enveloping with a spicy hint, pleasant and interesting.



A white wine enig- matic and unexpected, which esca- pes every definition. The innovative approach to making a white wine from red grapes has resulted in a fresh wine but above all complex. It has all the structure you would expect from a red grape, tannin with a balanced acidity and a bouquet exceptionally aromatic with an in- tense finish. It combines well with fresh cheese, sea food and in general all types of dishes based on fish. Ideally served in a tulip wine glass of average size at a temperature of 14-16°c.


Gambero Rosso

I.G.T. Bianco della Prov. di Pavia Bianca 2014 


Guida Oro – I Vini di Veronelli

I.G.T. Bianco della Prov. di Pavia Bianca 2016

I.G.T. Bianco della Prov. di Pavia Bianca 2015

I.G.T. Bianco della Prov. di Pavia Bianca 2012