Castello di Cigognola Cigognola | Castello di Cigognola

Isabella Cotier


Still Life, Aromas, Ingredients and complimentary savoury foods. A Still life of the different bottles of wines and champagnes.   The bottles are accompanied by a selection of fruits that are reminiscent of the aromas and ingredients. Included in the image is a range of luxury savoury foods that might compliment the wines and champagnes. 

Castle on the Hill. Inspired by the entrance archway of the castle I wanted to create a surreal drawing that combines the castles classic but fantastical exterior and history. The face is inspired by the impressive sculpture that sits outside the castle.

The Castles Visitor, Guido Piovene. Portrait of the Italian writer Guido Piovene. One of the many intellectuals and thinkers Dame Mimina hosted at the castle. 

With a mutual admiration for the world, human beings and altruism, Castello di Cogognola and artist illustrator Isabella Cotier, celebrate history, tradition and the luxury of everyday delights in a series of illustrations.

The core value of Castello di Cigognola remains respecting its human and natural dimension: to be responsible for protecting the environment and the rights of the people directly and indirectly involved in the supply chain.

The castle’s cultural heritage, its connection to the land and its people is interpreted by Cotier through the prism of the 21st century as well as her own unique identity.

Born in London but raised in Florence, Cotier is an observer of people – turning her subjects into accidental flâneurs by capturing the modesty of their everyday gestures and personalities through colour and with modest humour.

Taking inspiration from one of the family photos – a game of checkers and a glass of wine. The illustrations highlight the organic moments taken place within and surrounding the castle – capturing both the beauty of its architectural elements and the simplistic notions brought by the pleasures of wine: an appreciation of aromas, ingredients and complimentary savoury foods.

Creative liberty and a devotion to nature form the roots of Castello di Cigognola’s history: Cotier’s work is the perfect reflection of this grounded spirit.

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